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Liam Gibbs :: The author

Here's yer author photo! Happy??

Occupation Writing stuff and also living

Species Terran

Talents There's a list somewhere, but hopefully it includes writing stuff...and also living

Hyperability Eating breakfast

Personality Laid back kinda guy, likes a good jokey joke

Fears Regular human stuff like death and if the new Star Wars movies will suck


Liam Gibbs knew he was destined to write at age four, when he authored a breathtaking account of a cow who ate grass. The bovine saga failed to catch the public's eye but earned the budding author parental acclaim. Since those early times, he's gone on to write the novella Not So Superpowered and humorous articles for various magazines.

A twenty-year veteran of the brutal world of hand-to-hand comic book fandom, Gibbs cut his teenage teeth on titles such as Spider-Man, X-Men, New Warriors, and other Marvel comics.

Gibbs graduated college with a degree in professional writing, which included classes on fiction writing and story structure. He lives on the balmy shores of Ottawa, Canada, where he relaxes by watching staggeringly awful horror and science fiction movies. A health and fitness nut, he shoots lasers from his eyes, uses the word exclusive incorrectly, and once wrestled an exclusive brontosaurus. True story.

Quotation "Is there anything peanut butter can't do? Well, it can't get my youngest kid to sit quietly, but still...it's got a good track record."

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