The Shirts vs. the Skins

The Bad Guys

White coats or black coats Black coats...they're bad guys, after all

Members Master Asinine (leader), Appetite, Braindead, Brick, Ice Cream Headache, Lieutenant IQ 23, Mechanism, Plaster, Schizophrenic, a bunch of generics

Base of operations An abandoned Virillian space station orbiting the planet Vesta

Goal Galactic conquest, winning the lottery

Team mascot Appetite

The Good Guys

White coats or black coats White coats--except for Kamikaze's...his is usually crimson red

Members Legion (leader), Ace Spandex, Burnout, Car Alarm (even though no one acknowledges that), Franchise, Harrier, Kamikaze, Momentum, Null, Pincushion, Power Plant, Reef

Base of operations Station One, currently under construction

Goal Stopping the Bad Guys from galactic conquest, making sure Power Plant stays far away from red meat

Team mascot A rotten jujube Franchise found in the kitchen (they call it Gunther)

Intergalactic Protection

White coats or black coats White coats

Members Field Marshal Hullinger (leader), Brigadier General Patton, a bunch of other nameless soldiers

Base of operations Intergalactic Protection head campus, Gaia

Goal Acquiring sponsorship capital

Team mascot Whatever the highest-paying sponsor says it is

Narcotic Pizza

White coats or black coats They swing back and forth depending on the current political climate

Members Pepe, ten or twelve college kids

Base of operations A rundown joint on the corner of Maple and Stugart

Goal Making the cheesiest pie you've ever tasted

Team mascot A mayfly, which makes no sense but there it is