A long time ago...

April 4, 2017

Well, as always, Ottawa Geek Market was an amazing weekend! It was exhausting/amazing. I met so many of you and caught up with all y'all that I wanted to with the exception of one or two. Mykel, get on over to Ottawa ASAP! Much love to everyone I caught up with. Anyway, onward and upward and inward and inside out. Hokey pokey junk and all that. On the table coming up next is Cornwall and Area Pop Event with m'man Colin as backup singer. Look for us on April 21-22 hamming it up in that fair city. After that, Ottawa and Montreal Comiccons, with a bit o' bookstores and Pop Culture Canada mixed in!

On the block now is expanding the audience to warrant issue 5, The Genetic Equation, coming out. Right now I'm weighing my options for cover art and some head shots to fill out the Characters page of this site.

Also coming up, I'll be editing issue 19 and getting that off to my betareaders. Not that you'll see that soon, but...well...hey, maybe you will if things go well!

Be good to each other, say hi, and I'll be back with more awesome news soon.

— Liam Gibbs, your goof du jour

March 10, 2017

Just jumping on to let everyone know there is a slew of new appearances coming up. Check out the Appearances page for more info. Biggest news is I'll be swooping in at you at Ottawa Comiccon!

— Liam Gibbs, the hit-and-run info king

February 11, 2017

Random bits about everything. New books and interviews!

  • First off, issue 4 is a go! Grab your new favourite thing in the world on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca right this very second now!!! Done yet???? What's the hold-up????
  • Check out my latest podcast interview on Full On Insanity with fellow author and hostess Nicola C. Matthews on the Full On Insanity YouTube channel. Runtime is 40 minutes 12 seconds.
  • I will next be haunting your airwaves at CKCU FM 93.1 on the Tuesday Special Blend show on February 21st! Don't forget to tune in or check out the Tuesday Special Blend site to hear me chat with Adam Coombs about writing, life, and maybe how winter has outstayed its welcome in Ottawa.

— Liam Gibbs, who seems to be spend more time writing about writing than he does writing

February 7, 2017

Ridiculously good news, everyone! And points to anyone who gets the reference I just made!

I'm at the final stage of producing issue 4, Armageddon Trigger Finger! I got the proof copy in the mail the other day and have finished reviewing it. After making some adjustments, all I have to do is review the adjusted copy--which should be done in the next couple days--and voila! We all get issue 4!

I'll wait here for you to uncork the champagne.

I'm also adding a stock-ton of appearances for you at the Appearances page, one of which is a book signing at the Chapters here in Kanata, Ottawa. Come visit me and validate my existence!

— Liam Gibbs, who regrets looking out-of-proportionately needy with that last sentence but, hey, it's out there

December 31, 2016

Happy New Year, all. Check out my summary of 2016, and hope to see you in 2017!

— Liam Gibbs, more exhausted than I've ever been

December 14, 2016

Well, that's a wrap. The new year is coming up and, if I survive Christmas, I'll be seeing all of you in 2017. Thanks, everyone, for an amazing 2016! What's in store for next year? Tons.

The publication of issue 4 is on track for Valentine's. Check this site or the various social media haunts for details or notices. I'll also be returning to Ottawa Geek Market in March/April, CAPE in April, and Montreal ComicCon in July. And the selfie promo (to grab an exclusive lead-in-to-issue-1 story or a chance to win issue 4) is still going strong. But, as always, keep checking for more and more of what's going on.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and see you soon!

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